Chiropractic Testimonials

"Infant gets relief from acid reflux"

Since birth, Aiden, (just shy of four months old at his first visit) had suffered with severe Acid Reflux and Colic. On two separate occasions this peaked into choking episodes which led to rushing him to the hospital. He was treated by a gastroenterologist who prescribed Prilosec to help with the symptoms he was experiencing.

His parents, having no certain expectations, but clinging to hope started Aiden under chiropractic care. They were “impressed with the facility, it’s staff, and the Dr.”; stating “they were all extremely courteous, informative and professional”.

After a few weeks, they reported that their son’s chiropractic corrective care resulted in a “tremendous decrease” in the acid reflux and they were able to eliminate all medications!

"7 Year Old Receives Relief from Eczema, Allergies, Attention Issues and Sleep Apnea!"

At the very young age of 7, Elizabeth already suffered from eczema, allergies, attention issues (making it very difficult to focus in school), and sleep apnea for years! After several corrective care visits, we were able to decrease the nerve interference responsible for those health concerns. To date, Elizabeth has had fewer flare-ups of eczema, and has been able to reduce the application of medicated skin creams. She is sleeping better, has experienced some symptom relief from her allergies, and her attention issues have greatly improved resulting in a better report card!

Elizabeth’s mom, Julia, has also experienced amazing relief from neck, shoulder and back pain, as well as a decrease in headaches! We are excited to bring healing to this community one family at a time!

“Getting Older Doesn’t Have to be an Achy Thing!”

Elaine suffered with sinus issues, hip pain, and stiffness in her neck & mid-back for over ten years! The pain was constant, flaring up to a severe level at times.

As Elaine did not want to take the pain medication her Doctor wanted to prescribe, she thought she would just have to live that way. She was pleasantly surprised that she could actually feel as great as she did, and she said, “I am so happy I found chiropractic, I now feel that getting older doesn’t have to be an achy thing!


Sam is one of our Nations Heroes, serving our country multiple times overseas and nationally. While in service, Sam had to complete rigorous exercises including running with 60+ pounds of gear for miles at a time! Over time this left a toll on his body. Sam developed pain all over, including his digestive organs, sciatica, pain in his mid back and neck and he constantly felt fatigued. If all that wasn’t enough Sam’s allergies began getting worse!

Sam was given over the counter medication and tried physical therapy with no results. Despite some skepticism he tried chiropractic because it was his last resort.

After a short time under care with, Sam’s back pain and sciatic pain went away, his severe allergy problem vanished and he felt healthier and more active!!!

At Alive, we offer greatly reduced fees for all service men and women.

"A New Lease on Life"

For over 5 years Michael had many physical restrictions due to severe hip pain and arthritis. Michael had difficulty doing everyday tasks which left him hopeless because he thought this is how the rest of his life will play out.

Michael’s life has changed since starting care. “Chiropractic has given me back to myself. I was resigned to thinking I would be a cripple, I now can do anything and know I can fully recover. My goals are to lose 40Ibs. And run a 5k”.

Michael now is full of HOPE and is improving weekly with less pain and more mobility; he was also able to a start rigorous exercise program. Michael has lost 10 Ibs to date.


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